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What service does The US Email Office provide?
The US Email Office is a premium email service provider. We help friends, family, and colleagues stay in touch with you. When you move, travel, or change jobs, you no longer have to tell everyone how to contact you. People can always email you at your premium email address from The US Email Office.

How does this service work?
When you register on The US Email Office sign up page, you choose a premium email address. At the same time, you specify an email account as your forwarding email address. When people send email to your premium address (the one provided by The US Email Office), it is forwarded to the email account(s) you specified. e.g. forwards to

I already have an email account. How is Email Forwarding different from my email account?
The US EMail Office is an email forwarding service, unlike your current email which is an email account. The main difference between Email Forwarding and your email account is that Email Forwarding does not come with storage space for email. Email Forwarding works with your email account by forwarding email sent to your customized address to the email account that you have specified as your forwarding address (ISP Provided).

How do I set up Email Forwarding?
To set up Email Forwarding, you need to first register. During the registration process, you will specify a forwarding address. Your "forwarding address" is typically your current email account. In the future, you can contact us and change it anytime.

How do I change my reply-to address?
You will need to open the software you use for your email and look for a place to set your return or "reply to" address. This differs between email programs, but is typically found under menu items called Options, Preferences, or Tools. Or you can consult the program's Help directory to get specific directions.

Does Email Forwarding delay email?
No. Within seconds of receiving a message, it is forwarded to your "forwarding address." Your mail is stored in your email account at your Internet services provider. The email received and forwarded by Email Forwarding is neither stored nor archived.

Are Email Addresses Case SeNsItIvE?
No, email addresses are not case-sensitive. This means that any combination of lower- and upper-case letters will work to access the same email account. For example, Joe@Smith.Net is the same email address as